The Worlds Top 10 Christmas Festivals


 (Daniel Milchev, Vail Resorts)

The holiday baking, shopping and wrapping can wait. The best way take stress out of the season is to grab those you love most — or at least those you like — and head to a holiday festival. Many are free. Most everyone will be in high spirits. And the best part: theyre held all over the country.

Make it a tradition to head to one of these fun festivals. Some last just a weekend, others the entire holiday season.

Here are 10 great places to get that holiday groove on from coast-to-coast:

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A Lighted Christmas Tree For the Holidays

Lighted Christmas tree for the holidays

Have you ever wondered how the custom of reducing a fir tree or evergreen, and connecting lights and ornaments to it happened? Well, according to numerous online sources, fir trees were not brought within at Christmas time up until the 16th century in Germany and England, and not up until much later to America. Lots of other conventional holiday customs, consisting of images of Santa Claus, holiday songs, hand blown glass accessories, and the lighting of the Christmas tree came from in Europe. The legend of the latter is that Martin Luther came from the tradition of decorating trees in celebration of Christmas, by bringing a little fir tree indoors and decorating it with lighted candle lights in honor of Christ’s birth. This practice gradually spread out throughout Europe and came to the United States as immigrants brought their Christmas customs with them.

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Thousands Help Boy With Cancer Celebrate Christmas Early

Thousands celebrate early Christmas in St. George Ontario

A small town in Ontario recently rallied together to prepare an early Christmas for a child with brain cancer and this past Saturday the party showed to be a vacation to keep in mind, complete with a parade, floats and Santa Claus.

Evan Leversage, 7, was detected with brain cancer 5 years back and in September doctors told his family to commemorate the holidays early because his time might be restricted. His relative Shelly Wellwood started planning a small Christmas celebration, however it rapidly became widespread thanks to a post on Facebook.

Over 7,000 individuals appeared for the parade in St. George on Saturday, according to Evan’s relative Jennifer Jablecki.

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