Top 6 Family Christmas Traditions

Exactly what makes Christmas unique for kids and families are the many Christmas traditions that we create and that take part in our celebrations year after year. These cherished traditions commonly restore memories of our own childhood Christmases, and they allow us to recreate them for our children and loved ones. Looking at Christmas lights, putting out cookies for Santa, decorating a Christmas tree, these are all traditions that have stood the test of time, but who’s to state more can’t be included? If you’re trying to find Christmas tradition ideas to start with your kids and family, then look no further. Here you’ll find six Christmas tradition concepts to take Christmas to an entire new level and make it more fun for everyone!

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Thousands Help Boy With Cancer Celebrate Christmas Early

Thousands celebrate early Christmas in St. George Ontario

A small town in Ontario recently rallied together to prepare an early Christmas for a child with brain cancer and this past Saturday the party showed to be a vacation to keep in mind, complete with a parade, floats and Santa Claus.

Evan Leversage, 7, was detected with brain cancer 5 years back and in September doctors told his family to commemorate the holidays early because his time might be restricted. His relative Shelly Wellwood started planning a small Christmas celebration, however it rapidly became widespread thanks to a post on Facebook.

Over 7,000 individuals appeared for the parade in St. George on Saturday, according to Evan’s relative Jennifer Jablecki.

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