Top 10 Questions For Santa

Questions to Santa

1. Where does Santa Claus live?

Santa Claus lives in the North Pole.

2. What if my house has no chimney?

If your home does not have a chimney, Santa will use some of his special magic dust to make a chimney appear. Once he is finished and back up the chimney, it will automatically disappear.

3. Why is Santa’s suit red?

So he won’t get lost in the snow, besides he thinks its’ a fantastic Christmas color.

4. Where does Santa get his red suit?

Mrs. Claus custom creates all of his suits, she hand sews each one.

5. How does Santa get all the toys into the sleigh at one time?

His red toy sack is super magical in that it is bottomless and continues to stay full until Santa has made all his deliveries to all the children around the world.

6. How does Santa visit the whole world in one night?

The worlds time zones sure help, because when he delivers presents against time, it gives him a bit more time to deliver all of the presents in one night, having a fast team of reindeer and Santa’s special magic dust also helps him.

7. How many elves are there?

Well the last time Santa counted, he had over 500 elves, you see, it takes a lots of help to keep the north pole maintained and the presents made every year.

8. What is Santa’s favorite kind of music?

Santa really loves Holiday Christmas music.

9. Does Santa really read every email he gets?

Absolutely, He takes every email he get’s, sit’s down next to his fire place and reads each and every one of them.

10. Will Santa always bring what I ask for?

Sometimes Santa thinks that what you ask for may not be the best gift for you, so he may give you something you will enjoy even more.


Merry Christmas!